PTSDDaddy Happy Father’s Day!

I wanted to take a moment and say HAPPY FATHER’s DAY! To all out there who know the joys of being a daddy. I lost my daddy in 2013, I lost my grandfather the same year. It’s been difficult losing such great men in my life. Many will say “time will heal all wounds” that’s bullshit. Day one or day 5 million, losing  your dad is losing your dad.

I started the PTSDDaddy hashtag because I hit a point where I accepted that both exist. I have PTSD and I AM a daddy. Accepting PTSD was a step in NOT allowing PTSD to consume my family and I. I refuse to let it take control, sure some days are hard and it wins. But today MOST days I win! Daddy wins! and giving my children a dad worth having means more to me than anything I could ever have in it’s place. I’m a proud father. I’m proud that I have a chance to pass on all the greatness passed from my father and grandfather.

Those of you out there who are daddies, those of you out there who have PTSD and are daddies, take today and celebrate your fatherhood. Make time for the kids and make it all about them. In your strength they will be strong. They don’t see you as weak, and every moment you take control you become that much closer to a real-life superman.

Happy Father’s Day!


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